Right, I’ve decided to give this “postaday2011” idea a go, regular followers will know posts tend to be a bit erratic so this is a determined attempt to do it every day. The motivation for this is mostly because I received the email from WordPress but I did watch Julie & Julia a week or so before Christmas and if you’ve seen it you’ll know blogging plays a significant part in the film. Good movie: recommended.

So the suggested theme for the first post is three countries you would like to visit, hmmm, that should be easy, Japan definitely because it’s so different from anything here in the UK although I’m not sure about the whole sushi bit. Chile, did you know it has several different climates? In the north desert, the middle is more Mediterranean while I guess the southern end is arctic, brrrr. I’m very much in the med loving category. After the coverage of the miners trapped underground for so long I think their tourism will boom. A third choice is a bit more tricky, there are several I would visit on a whim cash permitting including Hong Kong which for the purpose of this post I’ll separate out  from mainland China. I guess it would have be the states. The one thing that stops me heading off to NY asap is this business of immigration delays at the airport. I really don’t do queues anymore if I can help it so America may have to wait till I can go Business from London City. Unless you can tell me different.

More tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Postaday2011

  1. Hey good luck with the challenge!! I look forward to reading your posts. If you need help with tips and techniques about how to write great content – maybe just for you. Hope this helps 🙂

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