Postaday2011 – 3/362 Achievement

Without doubt the single most important professional achievement in 2010 was the launch of my iPhone app. The Monday picture. Free to download from the iTunes store.

The Monday picture was not entirely my idea, my daughter wanted an image every week to make Monday mornings a bit more interesting. To begin with it was just for her via email and then colleagues and friends started asking if they to could receive the picture too. Once the list started to grow I thought there might be scope for an iPhone app.

It took several months to find a company to create the app and I wasted several weeks talking to one supplier who eventually admitted that they did not have the resource to do the job. Quotes varied widely, one company had a minimum charge of £12k, laughable. I eventually found a small business offering a template based solution – you tell them what you want and they provide a template for you to do it, they charge a flat fee per month. This has proved to be an easy way to test the market, however the down side of working with a small organisation is that you are part of their development process. There were problems initially but they seem to have all been resolved now. In the next few months they plan to introduce Blackberry and Android versions. It may also be possible to carry adverts that would bring the possibility of much needed revenue.

If you have an iPhone then please download it now, tell your friends if you like it and please leave a comment or rating. If you don’t then please tell me why not, the great thing is I can react to your feedback. Surveys so far suggest I’m producing images people like so why not give it a try?

If you don’t have an iPhone email me your details and I’ll add you to the list. It’s free at the moment.

The Monday Picture is looking for a sponsor, please get in touch if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading…. another blog tomorrow.



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