Postaday2011 – 5/360 Text or Talk?

OK so day five and I’m determined to post this before nightfall, it would appear that the nice people (in the UK) who follow me on Twitter either go to bed early and don’t see the link or can’t be bothered to comment on my scribbling.

Today’s topic is text or talk, looking at my mobile phone bill I don’t use text as much as I should and I very rarely use all my minutes… clearly not getting maximum value from my account. Memo to self: talk and text more. This doesn’t answer the question though does it? If I’m honest I probably prefer email, I can fire off a short letter without the need to engage in dialogue and of course the recipient cannot interrupt my train of thought. I also find the keypad on the iPhone quite annoying sometimes even though I don’t have particularly large fingers.

So there it is I don’t use either to their full potential and I try not to use the “landline” phone apart from the calls to so called low rate numbers – the 0800 series which are still stupidly expensive on mobiles, why is that? You would think after all these years this would have been sorted by now.

Depending on the topic of choice tomorrow I might write about my love hate relationship with Waitrose. I’m working up to it….


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