Postaday2011 – 6/359 Stressed?

Am I stressed? This is the proposed topic for today’s blog. Silly question of course I am, I’m a self employed photographer. They do say some stress is good for you but they don’t usually tell you what kind of stress. I’m not going to write about my personal stress for the very reason that it’s personal and would require me to discuss family issues that do not need to be aired on the web.

So as promised here is a brief resume of my love hate relationship with Waitrose, a supermarket chain primarily trading in the south of England. If I ‘m honest I shop at Waitrose because I don’t want to shop anywhere else and according to their advertising they charge the same price as the leading supermarket on something like 1000 different items, I’m not going to question this as it would take far too long to check, I don’t know what all the items are but I don’t believe I’m paying more for the majority of my shopping. Although I have just bought some Green  & Blacks 70% dark chocolate and it’s now £2.09, I’m sure it was one something before Christmas.

If you’re not familiar with the company they are generally deemed to be a bit upmarket compared to the others and I would tend to agree. The other reason I shop there is laziness, it is the nearest supermarket to where I live. I go almost every day because I shop for my family and also my father-in-law. Familiarity may breed contempt but it also enables you to establish some kind of rapport with staff and I know pretty much where everything is.

My gripe with my local store is based entirely on the range of products stocked and I have raised this issue both with the staff and by writing to their head office but to no avail. The local staff say it’s head office that determines what is stocked and if you write to the MD he will pass your letter to a bloke in Customer Service who will tell you such things are always under review. Reasons include insufficient space, no demand and any number of other feeble excuses as to why you can’t get, for example,  Lemon stuffed Olives or freshly made Baguettes in our store. I don’t think it is acceptable for the MD to pass my letter on when I have gone to the trouble of writing specifically to him. The Customer Service man will tell you, should you question his letter, that there is nothing more he can do, I think this means don’t bother me again. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with Waitrose, it is undoubtedly the best supermarket chain and I wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else. I know such delicacies are available in their other stores both larger and smaller than the one I shop at. My conclusion is that the decision makers in Head Office do not think the people where I live would appreciate freshly made baguettes or Lemon stuffed Olives. I beg to disagree. Did I mention Antonio Federici ice-cream? No, that’s not available either although I can order it from another branch.

If your Waitrose falls short of your expectations please post a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


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