Postaday2011 – 8/357 Staying focussed?

So far I’ve found several other things that I absolutely must do rather than write today’s blog, these have included watching a friend’s final year student son’s uni animation, responding to a LinkedIn group post and reading several emails including yesterday’s Campaign Daily Fix. I’ve also managed to send a couple of texts. I did start out with good intent though, I had to take my eldest son to the hospital this morning for an op and he had to be there at 7am, do you realise it’s still dark at that time? So I have had some time to dwell on what I might write.  Useless, might as well have been watching Saturday Kitchen on the BBC for all the inspiration I got.

So how do you stay focussed, it’s not easy and as you will have realised I am easily distracted but if I really want to get something done then I will stay up half the night to do it – my first book on Blurb being a good example. To take advantage of the discount offer I had to get it in their system by midnight on a specific day, I think it was about 23:55 when I finally hit “PUBLISH”. To be fair there was quite a steep learning curve and I had to resize several images. You can see the results below.

I’ve found the best way is to be absolutely strict with myself and get up early, have breakfast and go for it. If it’s not done by lunch then I need a break.

I still have to go through some images I shot before Christmas, unfortunately I wasn’t terribly well that day and the both the first model and make-up the artist were late arriving at the studio. It didn’t go awfully well and I don’t really have the enthusiasm to sort the pictures but I know I must. I also need to create an image for ‘the Monday picture app‘ and email. For me the key to staying focussed is a deadline and like any student with a paper to write I find a date and time is a great source of motivation. Of course the other great motivator to getting something done is the prospect of being paid. So there we have it through the process of writing this I have defined what keeps me focused on a project; a date and being paid. What more could I possibly need?

The Monday picture is available to download free from the iTunes store

If you don’t have an iPhone post a comment with your email address and I’ll add you to the mailing list

A Ginger Hero (Blurb books)


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