Postaday2011 – 9/356 ‘the aha moment’

When I read this topic last night I was temporarily thrown so I went off and watched four episodes of Little Dorrit (BBC DVD) back to back. It is a truly excellent production with a great cast and if you didn’t catch it when it was transmitted I really recommend it to you. I don’t think I expected any inspiration and to that end I wasn’t disappointed, no the aha moment such as it was came this morning, let me explain…

Since we lost Mr Chunk last autumn we have been without a cat, he wasn’t actually ours he just thought he lived here, next door and possibly at several other doors. Anyway there is a rather nice newish cat across the road and as there is no resident feline on this side of the street he has decided to expand his territory and sphere of influence into our gardens. This morning it was particularly sunny, you know the sort of morning bright but a bit cold – good if you’re in the sun. Having been to enjoy the fresh air at the front door my wife left it no more than an inch or so open and came back upstairs to finish whatever it was she was doing. After maybe five minutes a cat appeared on our landing and went miaow! This unexpected visitor who is about two years old and male decided it was time to pay his respects to his neighbours. Shooing him downstairs, rather than fleeing the premises he spent several minutes taking stock of the situation before rolling on the floor and rubbing himself on every vertical surface – cupboards, door frames and the stair post. I don’t think there was any doubt he was leaving his scent on newly claimed ground. At that very moment camera in hand (never miss an opportunity) I grabbed a few quick frames and had my ‘aha’ moment The Monday picture for tomorrow was in the bag. Up to that point there was no picture, I had considered photographing a coffee cake, but we ate it too quickly, I had a few other ideas but nothing that really ticked all the boxes.

The picture I have chosen is ideal, The Monday picture being an iPhone app has to be a maximum 0f 300 x 300 pixels, this demands that the image has to have instant impact and fill the frame. Anything too detailed or subtle gets lost and the square format is increasingly restrictive. Unfortunately this is how the template I use was designed. I would dearly like to be able to take advantage of the full screen potential of the iPhone but there is a cost to having it modified and at the moment it is prohibitive until I can get a sponsor. If you would be interested in sponsoring the app please get in touch. I’m not looking for huge or unrealistic sums of money.

The email version is easier being a larger size. I haven’t included any pictures today as that would spoil the surprise for tomorrow but if you would like to download The Monday Picture it is free from iTunes. Don’t despair if you do not have an iPhone leave your email address in the comment box and I’ll add you to the mailing list. No spam, never, ever and I won’t sell your details to anyone.

Check out The Monday Picture website to see past week’s images, I was particularly pleased with “Droplets”



There will be more tomorrow when the subject is…..


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