Postaday 2011 – 10/355 Snowed In !

There is a problem with writing on this topic because so far it hasn’t happened, I am however clutching the edge of my light Oak finish desk as I write.

I live in Norfolk it’s flat and one of the driest counties in England and although there is precious little between the north Norfolk coast and the arctic, if anything, it is very rare that we get snow so bad that it has been impossible to get out. I do remember back in the 1980s when the snow was drifting across the fields and many of the minor roads were impassible, even the A47 to Great Yarmouth was closed. I was turned back by a very unhappy policeman who had to stand at the traffic lights advising drivers they could go no further. That was the same winter a lorry driver knocked on my door asking for hot water because his diesel had frozen.

Now I live on a bus route and this seems to guarantee that the road will at least be gritted however there have been days when the snow has fallen really suddenly rendering the road very slippery. I did once reverse up the hill because I have a rear wheel drive car and trying to go forwards was not an option.

If I was snowed in there could be a shortage of food, we tend to shop most days buying fresh food as we need it. I’m always amazed by the hoards of people who buy massive quantities of food for New Year, the supermarkets are only closed for one day. Same story at Christmas.

As long as we have heat, light and water I think we would be OK. By definition of having the former we would also benefit from access to tv, radio and the web. We also have a good selection of books to read. In short I would survive.


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