Postaday2011 – 13/352 Twitter

Twitter is stealing my time, actually this is not strictly true it’s the very useful? blogs people link to their postings. For example one photographer I follow (terakopian) posts links to his blog or a photo most days and I think it’s always a good to see what other people are doing especially if you respect their work. He also writes incisive reviews of pieces of kit I might want to buy. But, grrrr, it takes too much time especially as the majority of the day I’m trying to view this stuff on my iPhone. There is no doubt that twitter is a great communication tool if you don’t mind sharing every single piece of information with large numbers of people you don’t actually know. Who are these people who sign up to follow me and why do they do it? My life is not that exciting, honestly it’s really very mundane. I think it’s fairly obvious why someone might follow Piers Morgan (piersmorgan), he moves in circles most people will never inhabit and I guess in this media intense celebrity driven world we all want to know what the rich and famous are doing, Mr Morgan might just be your man on the inside track especially with his new show on CNN starting this month.

As a business tool it can be a great way of getting your message out, Lord Sugar (276,000+ followers) shamelessly plugged The Apprentice while it was on and his book, Peter Jones tweeted daily with details of his new clothing range. The list goes on. The real bonus of using twitter as a sales medium is of course that it’s free. So I make no excuses for promoting “the Monday picture” app – free from iTunes at any opportunity. If you don’t have an iPhone leave your email and I’ll add you to the mailing list. No spam and I will never sell your details.


2 thoughts on “Postaday2011 – 13/352 Twitter

  1. I’m still not a huge fan of twitter. It don’t like how people just want to build up a pointless list of followers so they can spam them with their links. Twitter is also really cool for the searches. Which is how i found your post. All i did was look for people doing similar things to me and walla. One thing i love about facebook is know 95% of the people on my friends list. Good luck with the rest of the postaday2011 challenge. look forward to reading more of your posts.

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