Postaday2011 – 14/351 Why?

Every evening a new suggested topic arrives in my inbox from WordPress for the next day’s blog and so far, apart from one day, I have gone with their suggestion. The idea for this blog is to explain why you started it. So, deep breath, sit back and here it comes….

2010 as I may have indicated previously was not a great year for us. I’m not going to bore you with the trivia – it’s not fair, but take it as read we were looking forward to 2011, that was up until my wife sunk into the misery of full blown flu on Christmas evening. If you have ever had full on flu you will know that it takes two to three weeks to really get over it.

During the ‘dead’ period between Christmas and New Year with a non-operational wife I had time to read all of the incoming emails rather than hitting delete as a automatic reaction. One jumped out – the WordPress challenge, Postaday2011 or Postaweek. Once a week seemed a little under committed so having only written a couple of blogs before I went in both feet for the daily event. So far it’s been good, regrettably it can be a bit late in the day here in the UK when I write it but with New York being about six hours behind and LA even more I guess some people will think I’ve knocked it off first thing in the morning. How cool is that?

There were a couple of reasons I decided to take up the challenge, the most significant being discipline. I thought it would be good to have a daily commitment and I think in the next couple of weeks when everything is back to “normal” in our disjointed existence I will view this as the first task of the day. People in LA will then think I’ve stayed up very late to write it.  Pause here to say “hi” to mesacoelsombrero who follows this blog in Mexico. Of course if you’re a couple of hours or more east of the UK I’m stuffed because it’s well into the evening.

The second reason is that from time to time I’m lucky enough to get written work published. I had two articles printed during the last quarter of 2010 in Photo Pro magazine, the title is self explanatory, it has a subscription base of about 12k and approximate monthly sales of 16k+ so a modest number of people got to read what I thought about a couple of pieces of equipment. I considered the challenge of writing a few hundred words every day would be good for someone who aspires to have more work published.  You know that book that’s supposed to be inside everyone? Well you might just read it here first.

Now I must go and prepare the dinner, some nice poached Salmon fillets and steamed vegetables. No wine sadly I’m trying to shed a few pounds.

I wonder what tomorrow’s topic will be…


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