Postaday2011 – 17/348 Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

I think there are a number of ways of interpreting this question prior to writing a blog about it. For anyone with religious beliefs I would expect the answer to be an unequivocal and immediate affirmation. If you believe in fate or destiny then yes again. However if you take the view that life is full of the unexpected then the answer might well be no. If lottery numbers are truly random and cannot be influenced by fate or whatever then life really is a game of chance. Better make sure I look both ways when I cross the road.

It’s much more interesting to think that everything is pre planned for you. I’ve met people who will tell you that your whole future is mapped out on your hands, really? One girl I worked with who claimed to be good at palm reading said I would be married twice. Well if you’re already married I guess there is a good chance it will fail at some point and you will probably remarry, this is particularly true if you’re a man. I can’t remember exactly but I’m fairly sure it’s two out of three marriages that fail in the UK so this sounds less like a prediction and more like statistical analysis, dare I throw in probability or does that sound too much like fate by another name? For the record I did get divorced and I have remarried.

I once went for a tarot card reading, interestingly without knowing anything about me and on the basis of turning over a couple of cards the lady declared with absolute conviction that I worked in the media. If anything was going to get my attention this did it. To look at me it would have been impossible to know this, nothing about my appearance, texture of my hands or any other factor I displayed could have given away this information. I don’t remember what she said, probably that I would be successful, if she was suggesting financially then I’m still waiting and time is running out. How could the cards tell her and yet millions of people go for readings. If everything happens for a reason and is therefore pre planned then you’re wasting your cash.

I personally lean towards the everything is planned for you for a reason option, this means in theory only, that you could safely cross the road with both eyes shut and as long as it’s not “your time” you should be fine. I’m not recommending it though, statistically the odds as a pedestrian are stacked against you. But the people we meet and the situations we find ourselves in are a combination more of how we are raised by our parents and where we go to school or university than any game of chance. Do these things happen for a reason? If you take that view that everything is already decided when you are born then the answer must be yes. What though if we are some big experiment by a superior being or beings, a play thing. There are computer games where you can build worlds, just suppose we are all in a giant Truman show style goldfish bowl where we are given the basic tools of life and left to develop.

For me the big unanswered question remains. If there is a force that controls our destiny why do so many people die everyday from preventable diseases, why do we continue to engage in senseless wars slaughtering millions of people to gain a few hectares of land. Things probably do happen for a reason and if I’m ever in a position to find out why I’ll want an answer.


3 thoughts on “Postaday2011 – 17/348 Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

  1. Really interesting blog. I believe you come to crossroads at certain times of your life and the direction you choose affects the way the rest of your life goes. I’ve had so many amazing coincidences in my life, that I can’t believe there’s no plan whatsoever. Unexpected things often happen at the right time to fit in with what I’m doing.

    As to things you can’t plan for – few years ago, I was working in Cavendish Square in London and one lunchtime, someone in one of the other offices went out to get their lunch and got killed by a lamp post falling on them! Imagine the odds of that happening.

    1. Thanks Sara,
      Kind of you to comment.

      I worked next door to a car workshop many years ago. The mechanic went out in his car during a thunder and lightning storm and a tree struck by lightning fell on his car and crushed him to death. Beware of trees!

  2. Interesting and well-written. None of us know. We can only guess. No one has ever come back to tell us the truth, so we can only speculate and believe whatever makes us feel most comfortable.

    I, too, have had some similar experience as you with the tarot. In my case it was an astrologer. It was quite amazing.

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