Postaday2011 22/343 Is it always better to know the truth?

Is it always better to know the truth even when it hurts? Interesting question and depending on the situation there are times when yes may not be the appropriate answer.

We have a situation at the moment in the UK where a senior opposition politician has resigned for what he described as deeply personal reasons. Since his resignation on Thursday evening it has become clear that his wife may have been having an affair with his police protection officer. Do we as the public really need to know such detail? I don’t believe so. If it is true the man deserves sympathy and privacy. By virtue of being a politician his life has become public property for all the world to scrutinise. In this case it is not so much that the truth will hurt us but that it will embarrass and therefore cause hurt to the individuals involved.

There are times when it is definitely better not to know, supposing films like Men in Black contain a grain of truth and that there are beings from another planet living here on earth. What if some of those unidentified flying objects were from another world and the government of your country had some fairly good evidence to back it up. Can you imagine what would happen if this information was released to the public? I think it’s fair to surmise that the general reaction would be hysteria.




2 thoughts on “Postaday2011 22/343 Is it always better to know the truth?

  1. Hi Kolembo,
    Thanks for clicking “like” today.
    In the UK we seem to be obsessed with other people’s lives particularly if they are a celebrity or in any way in the media. I think this is a very sad reflection on our society.

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