Postaday2011 – 23/342 How do you define a friend?

I guess the definition of the word friend  is someone you can count on to help you in times of difficulty. For me that would include my father. I don’t think we were always friends, it wasn’t until I left home at 20 to go and work about 180 miles away that I realised or that he appreciated the relationship we had never acknowledged.

One day I rang my father and said help, I’m moving house and I need some assistance. At the time there was no kitchen, I was midway through rewiring the electrics and it was pretty chaotic. I also had a pregnant wife to consider. Without pausing for breath he said he would be there and arrived the next day. Now you could argue that is what fathers do and I hope my children feel they can pick up the phone and I’ll support them in the same way. But to me he was a true friend, someone I could count on in a time of emergency.


2 thoughts on “Postaday2011 – 23/342 How do you define a friend?

  1. oh, this one made me miss my father terribly. we never got on but any time I was EVER in trouble he’d be there, just like that, say absolutely nothing, and sort me out. when i was a teenager we fought once and i said he never tells me he loves me (so teen. ugh.) and he said, words are just words. i miss him.

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