Postaday2011 – 25/340 What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday?

My perfect Sunday requires a certain suspension of belief and the acceptance that rapid travel between countries is not only possible but achieved exceedingly quickly, possibly at the speed of light. This then would be a pretty near perfect Sunday.

I wake in a luxury apartment somewhere in one of the rather better arrondissements of Paris, possibly the 8th, with a “to die for” view of the Seine from my floor to ceiling glass window. I am very definitely in the large expanse of glass and low leather sofas territory of interior design, the word minimalist could be applied to this high tech temple of luxury. My wife and I take the metro to our favourite breakfast café, Le Deux Magots in the place Saint-Germain-des-Prés to enjoy the freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and croissant. The warm sun makes eating outside a pleasure as we listen to the chatter of the mainly French clientele and the bells of the church across the square. Returning by metro we stroll past the Notre Dame on to the bridge that leads to the Ile Saint Louis, the regular trio of American buskers are playing, people stop and listen, there is a very relaxed feel to it all. After pausing to explore some of the small boutiques and galleries we are transported to Venice for a late lunch at Antico Martini, in the shade of La Fenice. This is one of our favourite restaurants, it may not be the most expensive or the finest dining but it has happy memories for us.

With the rest of the afternoon still ahead of us we take a slow meandering walk through the streets of the city arriving in the Cannaregio to admire the painting of Tobias and the Angel by Titian in the Madonna dell’Orto. Continuing along the path by the canal we cover the short distance to the northern edge of the island where we take a water taxi across the lagoon to Torcello. There is really only one place to spend the evening, in the gardens at Locanda Cipriani with a light supper before retiring to bed to the distant sound of the sea.


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