Postaday2011 – 26/339 Funny people

There are a lot of people I find funny but to narrow it down to three is quite hard, the first one who comes to mind is Michael McIntyre a British stand up comedian. If I include people no longer with us then Morecambe and Wise make up the trio. Mr McIntyre is an excellent observational comedian while M&W were a more traditional duo with great writing by Eddie Braben. Their Christmas show became essential viewing for millions of people. I don’t think there has been anybody to top them. At one time I did think Vic & Bob might inherit the mantle of top British duo but as so often is the case they didn’t have the material. More recently I have enjoyed Armstrong & Miller but even they have a few duff sketches in their repertoire, although they would have to be my favourite current double act. Before you shout what about Harry Hill and Miranda I’m really sorry, I know HH regularly wins plaudits and Miranda did really well at the recent comedy awards but neither of them do it for me.

I don’t think humour travels well, the British have a particularly  cynical view of the world and our comedy is often misunderstood by people in other countries. It is interesting though that some American comedians have become popular here so it is possible to cross boundaries with the right material.


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