Postaday 2011 – 27/338 Marooned on a desert island…

Today’s topic is a lot like the BBC programme Desert Island discs only in my situation I only get to take one album with me which seems a bit mean. I suppose you could take a compilation CD like “Now 427” or whatever number they are up to. But although I love pop music and I’m very happy to listen to almost anything, over a period of time there are very few tunes that I feel I really couldn’t do without. I really liked Moby a few years ago and played his albums constantly then I moved on to something else. Amy Winehouse was great Back to Black etc always on in the car. I heard Santana’s Samba Pa Ti on Strictly Come Dancing before Christmas and with some degree of horror realised it was probably thirty years old and I bought it when it was first released on the Black album. Loved it then and still believe it is one of the truly “great” guitar tracks – even when Mr Santana is mucking about with the tune at a live concert.

I wonder if I could have something like the complete works series, would that count as one album? I’ve settles on something classical, piano music to be precise. I think this is more enduring and I am less likely to tire of it. This is also partly because although I am a really bad piano player and endured lessons as a small boy I have always wanted to play better – if I had the time – great excuse for not doing anything constructive about it. But stranded on an island with these three pieces of music if I was lucky enough to find a piano or perhaps over a long period of time build one? maybe, just maybe I could teach myself to at least play the main tune from the CD. So here it is my selected album it comprises….. Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 The Emperor, Piano Sonata No 8 Pathétique and finally Piano Sonata No 14 Moonlight. It is a long album but will provide me with both solace and inspiration.


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