Postaday2011 – 30/335 One piece of technology I can’t live without?

The full title of today’s suggested topic is What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without? I suppose it’s better than which one would you be prepared to give up.

I slept on this and the conclusion I have come to is that it has to be the internet. I considered which items I could get by without and by a process of elimination decided the one that has to stay is web access.

I could get by without my iPhone, after all mobile phones have only really been a major feature of our lives since the mid nineties and I have a very nice leather organiser gathering dust in the cupboard. I feel guilty every time I look at it. I also have a telephone connected by copper wires to the outside world.

I would survive without a digital camera, in many ways I miss film and the magic of seeing an image appear on the paper in the darkroom.

But without the internet there would be no daily blog, no email and no access to the vast encyclopaedic knowledge base available 24/7 that many of us now take for granted. I confess here and now I would be lost without the net. How sad is that?

I guess I would go back to doing what we did before, pick up the phone and talk to people, go to the library. Research the slow way. Unfortunately we have reached a stage where we depend so much on the internet, computers and software that without them life would be much more difficult, simpler but it would require a complete change in outlook. Lets not go there.


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