Postaday2011 – 33/332 If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

The first observation I have to make about this question is that I do not believe that there is a perfect job. But that will not prevent me from describing my ideal position. However every job comes with baggage of some sort, by this I mean no matter how wonderful a job might appear there will always be problems. Life is just like that and no, that is not my pessimistic side coming to the fore. It’s just a fact.

There are people I am sure who will tell you that the position I used to hold as Head of Commercial Production at a television broadcasting company would be their dream job.  I can assure you without pausing for a nano second that fun as it was the problems associated with producing, directing and quite often scripting commercials on a daily basis gave me sleepless nights. The pressure to deliver top quality adverts day in day out on minimal budgets on time was immense. I did it for nine years and by the time I quit I was working on two hundred productions a year excluding corporate videos. Before I get to my job of choice I’d just like to give you a quick insight into what I mean.

My colleague from the “airtime” sales team and I had to go to see the MD of a chain of high street furniture retailers. Big client for us, network transmission across all ITV regions, massive spend two or three times a year particularly the January sale. Historically I had always written and directed their commercials so I knew them quite well. After about forty minutes we had the airtime contract signed and sealed. He turned to me and and asked me what ideas I had for the campaign. Now I’d had a few thoughts but nothing I was really ready to present on that day. My best idea was a falling sofa squashing prices – prices crushed at… he liked it a lot. Fast forward to the day of the shoot, we have the sofa suspended ten feet up in the air, camera in position ready to roll, when the client walk in and shouts don’t drop the sofa. On asking why he said and I quote… it will fall to bits. So I have a crew, a studio and a rubbish sofa and having abandoned all other ideas for this one no back up plan. Commercial starts airing in five days. Happy times!

Back to the question, as you will know by now I take pictures, I will also make you a broadcast quality video if that’s what you would like. I don’t particularly want to change my job I’m in the fortunate position of liking what I do but I would like to see my images used on the covers of a few magazines. Is that shallow? I know that today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping but magazines are different. I guess if you regularly shoot the cover of American Vogue it’s just another gig and a very small credit inside the cover but it would be good to see my name on that inside page just once. I do have another project gnawing away in my head for a television programme but we’ll have to wait and see whether that works out.


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