Postaday2011 – 34/331 My Hero

Who is my greatest hero of all time? I don’t really have any heros. I could say my father but that wouldn’t really be true, I looked up to him but I never thought of him in those terms, he was simply a great dad. I suppose if you asked me who was the greatest screen cowboy I might say John Wayne. I always thought Thierry Henry was a terrific footballer but he’s not the only one and he is not my hero.

There is one who qualifies, a 19 year old who passed away late last year who I would describe as a hero. He was an imposing figure in his day, strong and proud, he was the “king of the hill” and you didn’t mess with him. Towards the end he lost a lot of weight,  suddenly he looked old and getting around became more of an issue. He went deaf overnight, lost his appetite and clearly had some serious internal problems but he was very special and we knew him as Mr Chunk although his real name was Marmaduke. The book below is dedicated to his memory, I hope you like it.


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