Postaday2011 – 35/330 When teleportation is finally possible…

Well into the realms of fantasy here with the concept of teleportation. I wonder if it will ever be possible to do what they did on Startrek every week. “Beam me up Scotty” must be one of the most famous “trekky” phrases. So here we go.

The full question is where would I go first, had a bit of a think about the places I’d like to visit and first on the list is Japan. Why? because it’s a completely different culture and from what I have seen a country of contrasts, the high tech cities of Tokyo and Osaka set against the backdrop of Mount Fuji and my perception of the green rural country areas. These are based on TV images and the glossy pictures in travel brochures. What currently puts me off going is the time it takes to get there, I like flying but three hours is about as long as I can stick without getting very bored.

Second on my list has to New York, it is somewhere I want to go but I have heard tales of long queues at immigration and while I appreciate these are for security reasons I would not want to spend several hours standing in a line when I could be out exploring the city. With a flight time of around six hours I would be prepared to give it a try so we’ll see.

But with my teleportation device, could this be an iPhone app, I could be in either city in seconds, marvellous. With this facility I could leave on a Monday morning arrive in New York before I’d left and keep going west taking the maximum advantage of the time difference. I think that would work. I’m liking this idea. Where next…


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