Postaday2011 – 37/328 The one that got away !

The one that got away, plenty scope there then. If you’re hoping for a tale of unrequited love then I fear you are out of luck. The full brief dictates that it could be a person – not this time, an idea – several of those got away or a thing. I’m going with thing because I could get into a lot of trouble if I started writing about ex girlfriends and I’m not prepared to share any of my ideas because one day I might revisit them and they might be worth something after all.

Twelve years ago I opened a Bang & Olufsen franchise, this is not an in-expensive game to get in on. The clues are in the three words Bang, Olufsen and franchise. This Danish brand of high quality television and audio equipment does not come cheap and if you buy a franchise that means you are the one doing the funding – all of it.

I had been told that to open a brand new store it would cost £x,000, x being a rather scary three digit number. I could have bought a very nice second house for this amount. To raise the required capital I had to sell most of my possessions.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed using a number of different cameras, most of them I have sold to move on to the next one, usually a newer model and therefore with a better spec. As a small aside the only two I really regret selling are the Mamiya C330, a twin lens beast that took wonderful black & white images and my Leica M4 P, a classic 35mm rangefinder camera. I had my Nikons stolen in Brighton but that is slightly different.

When it came to funding the shop I sold my Hasselblad 500CM, backs, lenses, filters the lot. The guy who bought them thought it was Christmas and his birthday all in one.  If you’re not a photographer this will mean very little to you but the Hasselblad was the standard kit for a many a studio or wedding photographer until the arrival of the digital SLR. They were beautifully made and the quality of the image they produced was superb. Looking back the money I realised probably didn’t make a huge difference. This then, my entire Hasselblad kit is the one that got away, It was a dreadful mistake. You can still buy all the elements in good condition second hand but it’s not like having it from new.

The only consolation is that it went to a young man who was just starting out on his photographic journey as a pro. I wonder what happened to him, perhaps my Hasselblad has taken some wonderful pictures for him, I certainly would like to think he has made his mark using my camera.


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