Postaday2011 – 38/327 Deja vu?

There is a definite sense of having been here before with today’s suggested topic – could you live without the internet for a week, month etc? I covered this in an earlier post about what piece of technology you could not live without.

However the answer to the question is yes I can live without the internet although I admit it would make my life rather more difficult.

A very long time ago I used to mend, repair is too posh a word, Adler and Olympia electric typewriters this would have been in 1974. The pre-internet dark days. At the time I could type enough to test a machine was working OK but not much more. I have the most appalling handwriting, when I was doing my final exams at school I had a certificate from the doctor to confirm this was due to a problem with my wrist and not just laziness. Now as long as I have a keyboard in front of me I’m away.

So the answer to the question is yes I could survive sans internet and probably quite well too. When we go on holiday I take my iPhone but not the laptop. I will switch off all incoming email and web access before we leave the UK to avoid any of those nasty roaming charges. I will usually switch it on when we arrive to send a text to confirm our safe arrival to one of the kids. Then it goes in the safe deposit box in the room. I will probably check it once a day in the evening for text message but that’s it. I am free from distractions and can enjoy the break.

As someone who works from home and uses the internet all the time to communicate, to research equipment, post photos to websites, rant on twitter I hold my hand up it would be tricky. Whether I will give you the same answer when the new iPad comes out is a different question, I was on the train the other night back from London (two very long hours) and saw a lot and I mean a lot of people hooked up to iPads, very few of them working. I have a feeling it may make living disconnected the internet a whole  lot more difficult, especially if I can upload photos to it from my camera.


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