Postaday2011 – My dream vacation

My dream vacation, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought since the suggestion arrived yesterday evening and I have to confess I do not have a dream destination. Now I’m not sure what this means, am I somehow missing out on a train of thought enjoyed by millions of others whose only desire is to be swept off to some sun kissed beach with palm trees, an azure sky and crystal clear water lapping at the edge of the sand? Nice as it sounds I would get bored rather quickly. I would much rather be exploring the alleyway and passages of Venice or Paris than flaked out on a beach or by the pool.

The sun sea and surf has never done it for me or my wife, luckily, we like to explore.

If I had to choose one place I still hanker after Japan or New York, but I would be hard pushed to choose between them so diversely different are they. I’m going to put my name down for Japan on the basis that it’s utterly different from anywhere I’ve been before and everything you see about the country suggests that it would be an exciting place to be.

One would have to go First or Premier class depending on your carrier, I’ve no idea but I would hope that by opting for the most expensive seats it would enable you to rock up at the airport rather nearer departure time than the people who turn right at the top of the steps. I have never been a fan of arriving two or more hours ahead of flying and spending most of it wandering aimlessly around the departure lounge looking at duty free good you neither need to have any real use for. You might consider going for a meal but you know before you sit down it will probably wont be very nice, served in a canteen environment surrounded by people all killing time just like you and it will be expensive.

The worrying thing is I might not like Japan, it’s a long way to go to find out. I’ve never eaten Sushi and the language is a complete mystery. It’s one of those destinations where I think you have to go on an organiser trip. We don’t do organised trips. For Japan I’ll make an exception.

So that’s it my dream vacation is a tour of Japan. Alternative suggestions are always welcome.


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