Postaday2011 – My favourite word

There are some really brilliant words in the dictionary if you just have the time to sit and flick through. One of my favourites is verisimilitude. I’m not going to bore you with the true meaning of the word, ‘google’ it or better still break out the dictionary and look it up. I will say though it’s not a word you hear everyday. My father used it occasionally but then he did work with words. It’s an old fashioned word derived from the Latin verisimilitudo. Another really good word, suggested by the in-house moderator is tintinnabulation. Like most words derived for Latin if you break it down there are a lot of clues as to the meaning.

I didn’t get languages at school it just seemed a complete waste of time to learn French. Sadly it was French or French in my school.  If only I’d realised then how useful these languages would be I would have hung in there and absorbed everything I could. The moderator did Latin and French, boy did I miss out.

The suggestion also offers the option to include a word that you are completely neutral about. Ladies & Gentlemen I give you indifferent.

Finally there are a number of words I really do not like, but probably the one I like least you cannot print in an English newspaper without causing huge offence. Descriptive certainly, offensive without doubt and completely unnecessary in general conversation. It begins with a c and comprises a total of four letters. No more clues I’m sure you’re ahead of me.

Possibly the shortest blog I’ve written, one strives for brevity.


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