Postaday2011 – Would you rather be super intelligent or extremely good looking?

How do they come up with this stuff? The add on bonus offer is What if you could be both, but not at the same time?

In an effort to treat this as a serious enquiry I would venture that the answer would have to be super intelligent. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and on the basis that there is someone for everyone and all should be OK. If you extend the super intelligent bit to it’s natural conclusion it stands to reason that it should be possible to enjoy a very successful and rewarding career and hopefully live a happy life.

In contrast beauty is only skin deep and the pressure on the glamorous to remain so is intense. Recent publicity regarding older women on television attests to desire for beauty above talent. This is a sorry reflection on our society. Much has also been made of the size zero debate where young models feel compelled to fit in to impossibly small garments to satisfy who exactly?

To have both but not at the same time seems fatuous, the answer for me would be to be super intelligent first and then extremely good looking in later life once I had achieved my career goals.



2 thoughts on “Postaday2011 – Would you rather be super intelligent or extremely good looking?

  1. hey there…been sneaking in & out of your blog. You’re interesting! I see you’ve managed one everyday. How are you doing? I’m knackered!

    Great Photograpy blog by the way…really good stuff.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. As you will have noticed some days the posts take a little longer to get there. Now going to write today’s.
    Have another photo blog to write too.

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