Postaday2011 – Have I ever lied about my age???


Sorry to disappoint but I have never lied about my age for two very good reasons. The first and probably best reason I have never misrepresented the number of years that have passed me by is that half the time I can’t remember exactly how old I am and I tend to add a year or two on! I know when I was born but if asked I usually turn to the in-house moderator for the  right answer. Let’s just call it a mixture of senility and laziness. Anyway she always knows and to be frank I’m not that bothered anymore.

The other reason and I flatter myself here is that generally most people who are quizzed on my age seem to knock off a few years. Perhaps they are just being kind but I’d like to think I could get away with subtracting a few years if I wanted to. But what’s the point? We are what we are.

In many ways I’m very comfortable with my age and my situation and if we’re honest how many of us who are parents or even grandparents would swop with our offspring and do it all again? For them it’s all new, for many of us it was a time of struggle. The one piece of advice I would offer the new parent – spend as much as you possibly can on the education of your children. Because as I have learnt education is the key.

As promised an image, if you’d like to guess my age please leave a comment and I’ll confirm in a couple of days. Sorry there is no prize.



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