Postaday2011 – In trouble?

The full title is What’s the most trouble you’ve ever been in? I think most of us will recall a specific event at some point in our lives. Most of my mine occurred when I was a child, pre -teens and almost always with my parents. Possibly one of the worst episodes involved a pin and a packet of cigarettes.

I don’t remember why but I was already in the bad books of the parents for something and in those days it was deemed perfectly acceptable to smack your child around the head or use a slipper to instil discipline in the unruly. The wooden spoon was also much in evidence in our household. My parents had been brought up in an era when school teachers meted out corporal punishment using a cane or ruler and to them this was the way to go.

In an act of revenge and because I hated the smoke I took a pin and punctured all my father’s cigarettes and then put them back in the packet.  Had I thought this through I might have been able to conceive the furore that would result from such an act but I didn’t, big mistake.


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