Postaday2011 – What would I do with a million dollars?

My first response is that $1m isn’t that much when converted to GBP, about £600,000 which although very nice is small change compared to a UK lottery jackpot that starts at around a million pounds and climbs every week it’s not won. The Euro lottery is even bigger, imagine as some people have done winning tens of millions of pounds. This I believe is too much too quickly.

However not to be ungrateful I could put this new found capital to good use. I have three children who could all use a little help with house deposits, that could easily account for all of it! That’s not the way forward though, my first priority would be to secure the future for my wife and I and that would probably require at least two thirds of the money. We have talked about trading our two cars in and just having one and from any perspective this makes good sense. I’d also like some more photographic kit and ideally somewhere to have a permanent studio. The kitchen needs a revamp and some decorating and new carpets would be nice but other than that we have a number of charities that we support who would undoubtedly appreciate some cash.

If you’re careful this is a life changing sum, but if the newspapers are to be believed too many lottery winners blow their new found fortunes on fast cars, race horses and drink. At the end of the day money doesn’t make you happy and it can’t buy you health. Given the choice I’d rather be happy and healthy than poor, sick and rich.


One thought on “Postaday2011 – What would I do with a million dollars?

  1. I agree about being poor, sick and rich, I’d rather be happy and healthy but £600K would go a long way to bringing me to that state. In fact I think I could see out my days quite comfortably on £1K a month 😉

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