Postaday2011 – Music to cheer me up

All music has some effect on me, I find it impossible to listen without experiencing some emotion. When I told the in-house moderator about this subject she helpfully suggested the Chopin funeral march – such a wag.

To brighten a dull day or to cheer me up if I’m feeling a bit flat Lady Gaga’s Poker Face or Bad Romance are pretty good together with Florence & the machine – You got the love. Then there’s The Scissor Sisters or the XX so many to choose from. I just love music full stop.

If I’m on my own I would rather listen to a podcast or the radio than straight music, I prefer the sound of the spoken voice, I have two podcasts on auto download, The Friday Night comedy, currently The news Quiz with Sandi Toksvig and the Chris Moyles show. I used to have the Scott Mills daily as well but it gets too much, I don’t have the time for it all. Although it’s not the most cheerful of songs I really liked Rihanna’s Russian Roulette.



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