Postaday2011 – How long can you go without a shower?

Actually quite a long time, as every day I have a bath.

Last year we had our bathroom refurbished and after some debate decided to have a “drench head” shower fitted. This incredible piece of kit delivers water at a quite astonishing rate, the plumber said we could run it for about six minutes before we would empty the cold water tank! The dimples through which the jets of water stream are made of some special silicone substance that helps to prevent limescale build up. I hope you’re impressed – it cost enough.

Here it is…

I do like a shower and if we are away it’s a great way to freshen up after a day exploring. The best shower was in a hotel in Denmark when I was visiting the Bang & Olufsen factory. We stayed in Holstebro and the room had a proper walk in wet room. I would love to incorporate a wet room in my home but we just don’t have the room.

Maybe in our next house.


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