Postaday2011 – The effects of splitting up

Today’s topic: How do you know when a blog is complete?

This is a strange question, it’s a bit like going on a journey. I know where I want to go and how I want to get there. Once I have achieved these twin aims then it is complete, hit publish.

Let’s talk about splitting up.

I know a man who is in the process of splitting up from his wife. The first question most people ask is whether there is another woman involved, am I right?? Well in this case you would receive a negative response to your enquiry. The man in question has been married for many years and has a couple of kids.

Last year his wife went on holiday with the children but without him and had a fling with someone she met. Unfortunately this has wrecked the dynamic of the home and now she wants out and half of the house so she can go off and be with her lover. It gets worse… not only is he twenty or so years her junior but he is also from a poor country where a UK  passport through marriage would be viewed as a good career move. Call me cynical but not too many men go off with older women unless they either extraordinarily beautiful or rich. Both being the preferred combination.

It is difficult to comprehend why an otherwise sensible woman would be blinded by the attentions of a much younger man into believing that they have a long and happy future ahead of them. My man is crushed, you only have to talk to him to realise how hurt he is. He is as far as I know a good hard working husband and parent. It is he who will be left to look after the children when she goes.

In most cases it is the woman who gets the sympathy when a marriage goes off the rails. Husbands are invariably deemed to be at fault but few people know what goes on behind close doors so I am keeping an open mind about blame. Perhaps he is not the man he purports to be but if you met him you would very quickly see the effect this is having on his health.


3 thoughts on “Postaday2011 – The effects of splitting up

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Have they tried counseling? I am newly married (a little over a year) and my husband and I are doing a long distance relationship because of his job. The first thing we talked about when we even thought about getting married was no matter what if we ever come to think of divorce, we will definitely try counseling. I also found these weekly column called “Can This Marriage Last” in Ladies Home Journal a good read. I think you can google that.
    I hope everything works out okay for your friend.

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