What gets better with age?

I shall avoid the obvious trap and not suggest me or men in general although I think it is true if you look at guys like say George Clooney who seems to be better looking every time I see him on TV. Pierce Brosnam is another one.  I look back at images of me from thirty years ago and think oh… I guess it was fine at the time. It is a cruel trick of nature that women seem to need more help as the get older while some men just get better all the time.

On a completely different track I believe it is certainly true that software gets better with age. The first version of any programme will be more laden with bugs than number two and more features will appear as consumers feedback to the company what they think it should do and how it could be improved. In the late eighties or very early nineties I bought Quark Xpress version two. Even back then it was a brilliant programme and it came on many floppy discs that had to be fed in sequence into the disc drive. The disc would eject and an icon would ask you to insert the next disc. If you didn’t do it fairly quickly it would fall over and you would have to start again. I confess I don’t know what version it is up to now but I think it’s a fair assumption that there are more bells and whistles now and that they run more efficiently. That said the power of the programme then was phenomenal when you consider that all I had was a 40Mb hard drive and RAM was something tiny like 128k. But it worked and it ran lean unlike the bloated software of today. Incidentally both Microsoft Word and Excel were available for the Mac II, lots and lots of floppy discs.

My iPhone app has certainly improved with age. Although only six months since launch it has undergone a number of improvement to reach the point it is at today where it runs smoothly and displays good pictures. If you haven’t seen it yet , it is free to download from iTunes and every Monday morning I upload another picture to get you started for the week.

If you have an iPhone please check it out and if you like it please post a review.



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