Postaday2011 – What keeps me awake at nights?

Writing blogs has kept me up late into the night and trying to get photos uploaded ready for The Monday Picture has a detrimental effect on Sunday evenings.

I’m lucky I generally sleep well and go off quickly. But if something is going to keep me awake it will be stupid things like what am I going to shoot for The Monday Picture next week or I only have so much money available to buy new equipment and I really want to get best value.

On that subject I have spent many sleepless hours pondering the relative merits of one brand of flash versus another. I reviewed the Profoto D1 compact flash units last year for Photo Pro magazine (UK) and it really is a very good piece of kit. The review is on here  Profoto D1 However it is quite expensive and for what you pay for one D1, softbox and remote trigger you could buy a couple of Elinchrom BXRi500 heads, stands, soft box reflectors and a remote trigger. So I bought the D1, why you ask and so you might.

One of the deciding factors in my choice was that Profoto equipment has a very well deserved reputation for reliability. It is also available to rent worldwide. When I called into their Paris office the manager was really helpful even though he knew I would never be “his” customer.

I am sure there will be plenty photographers who swear by their chosen brand of flash but I am very happy with my purchase, so much so that I hope to add a second or even third light in the next few months and the quality of the light is excellent.

Trying to come up with great images for a Monday picture can be a challenge, I have a few ideas I want to explore but the requirements are specific. It has to be a square format, brightly coloured and fairly simple layout. The size I have available on the iPhone is 300 x 300 pixels, not big!

So it’s Saturday night, the picture for Monday is already uploaded to the email version for people without an iPhone and I’m off to have some dinner.


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