Postaday2011 – Random acts of kindness

I’m not at all sure whether this would count but I do smile at people in the supermarket and give way to them if there isn’t room for two trolleys to pass in the aisle. Invariably it is met with little reaction as if to say well you should let me through because I’m me but hey do I care? Life is too short.

A random-ish act of kindness was performed last Friday to my father in law who is not my favourite person by a country mile. He has four times a day care come in to get him up, feed him and then put him back to bed – he is 87. Before you start feeling sorry for him he has the carers (all ladies) wrapped around his little finger and his is more than capable of pulling a few strokes. The carers sometimes inadvertently pick up the pen from the log book of their visits and take it away with them so there is now a shortage of pens. I had two spare so I took them over to him. Not particularly random but an act of kindness none the less.

Kindness should be a natural extension of courtesy, if we were all just a bit nicer to each other the world would undoubtedly be a better place.


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