Postaday2011 – Tiny crumbs of chocolate and photographs

Possibly the smallest things near me right now are the crumbs of chocolate left on my desk from a quick chocolate fix. I’m sure you will appreciate that this is an essential component when you are trying to write a short blog between dinner and going out.

An agent described my website today as confusing and my ‘model’ shots as cheap! Pretty rude I hope you will agree. This kind of criticism can seriously damage the fragile ego of a photographer. What he regarded as cheap the agency loved, the models use on their websites and I get favourable comments from other photographers and models. He’s definitely off my Christmas card list. But then again he may have a point my website does contain a rather mis-mash collection of images. I shall take on board the unintentionally constructive comments and review the contents over the next few days.

If you would like to pass judgement on my website and let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t be any ruder than this man please go ahead and hit me with your worst…



2 thoughts on “Postaday2011 – Tiny crumbs of chocolate and photographs

  1. OK, I had a look. I’m no kind of expert, so feel free to ignore me 🙂

    First, you do have some shots I really like. And you are clearly versatile. I suppose having different types of shot makes it less focussed, but I think that shows range. However, they are arranged in non-obvious categories. I’m not quite sure why your first three are numbers.

    Your font size is rather small. On screen this is not ideal. I suppose you might assume that someone wanting to buy photographs would have pretty good vision 🙂 but I had to squint to read it and my vision is fine. This was especially problematic on your About page.

    In terms of site navigation, it could be more obvious I think. As a casual visitor I don’t mind randomly clicking on stuff, but if I was a busy professional looking for photographic services, I’d be less patient. I think this is a very competitive field and there must be loads of websites for your customers to trawl through, so you have to grab them right away. While a single shot has impact, it might be better to have two contrasting ones – one aimed at the commercial and one the arty customer perhaps? I don’t know enough about the business to know how much crossover there is between those two worlds, but my gut feeling is that the modelling stuff is quite different to the arty shots of a leaf.

    Who are your customers? What do they want from your website? Those are good questions to ask when evaluating it. I assume that some will be looking for your services as a photographer and others will be wanting to buy your art. I think there could be more information about both. To get to the info about your service photographing models, you have to go to the gallery and click on the models shots. I think that is too many clicks and might have been what your agent critic meant by confusing. A clear and obvious link on your Home page would be better.

    Personally, if I wanted to buy a picture, I would prefer to see a clear pricing structure up front to help me choose between your picture of a leaf and one I liked on another site. Now that might well be just me – I am an impoverished postgrad student! I know that richer people, who may be more likely to buy art, might be quite happy to have to email you for a pricing structure if they don’t care about the cost.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say the site is confusing, but it could be more streamlined and focussed. It is there to sell your stuff and has to make an impact. The relevant information that the customer is looking for needs to be easy to find. I don’t see the mish mash of images as problematic, as long as they are arranged in a way that makes sense to your customer. As I said, I think they show range and that has to be good.

    Did you make the site yourself? Sorry this comment is so long! You did ask! 😀

    1. Thank you for taking the time to look at my site, your comments are very useful, it has proved difficult to get unbiased constructive feedback.

      I built the site using Clikpic, an inexpensive template based supplier. I can change the font size and address all of your comments. I am intending to link through to another site for sales or move to one geared up for selling in the US. Thanks again, really appreciate your assistance.

      Best wishes,


      (iPhone mail – please reply to:

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