Postaday2011 – Hidden talents?

The nearest thing I can describe to having a hidden talent is that two months in I am still on track with this post a day lark. I could try and pretend it’s been easy but that wouldn’t be quite be true. I’ve tried as far as possible to stick to the suggested topics, vague and puerile as they have been. The subject for the next day arrives late afternoon or early evening and barring a couple I think I’ve been fairly consistent in my scribblings. I try when possible to get ahead but Sunday saw me nailing it together like planks of wood at around 11pm which cannot be good.

This week may be a bit different, I’m out a lot, dinner on Tuesday, lunch on Wednesday and dinner again on Thursday – well you only have one birthday a year so I have to make the most of it. The in-house moderator is taking me to a very good Italian restaurant in London and then threatening to pay for me to have my shoes shined. There is one guy in Burlington Arcade, Topi, who does a really good job for around four quid. That would be about $6.50, do you think that’s expensive? Then I think we’re crossing Piccadilly to Fortnum & Mason to buy something nice to eat another time. I quite fancy some Ladurée style macaroons. If you haven’t seen their website it’s a delight. Should be a good week, but it would be much improved by the sun shining but you can’t have everything. The only fly in the ointment is that I will be a year nearer sixty and one further away from fifty-five. These things are important as you will discover when you complete forms and it asks you to specify your age in ranges 30 -45, 45 – 55 well you get the idea.

On the basis of trying to keep it succinct I’ll draw a line under this and call it a day.



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