Postaday2011 – What can’t I say no to?

There are a number of things that are really quite difficult to say no to or turn away if offered. I’ll start the list with a glass of good Prosecco, I’m also very fond of Champagne, Lanson Rose is always welcome as is a decent Prawn Linguine. Cannelloni Sicilian and Chocolate would also feature quite high on the list.  A really good Pistachio ice-cream is also hard to refuse. Escaping from the lure of food anyone offering me a Leica S2 or M9 and lenses would be welcomed with open arms. I’d like some more Profoto lights and a couple of lenses for my Canon DSLR if your offering.

Discipline and self control, let’s be rational for a moment, no one is going to pop up and offer me these toys so dream time is over.

I guess the only things I can’t say no to are listed above plus my wife and children, it’s really difficult to say no to any of their sensible requests. Polite enquiries as to when the Audi TT is being delivered by my daughter are met with “when we win the lottery”. I think it goes without saying that should I check my six numbers on a Sunday morning and find that they match those drawn on either Friday or Saturday evening I will not be saying no to the cash. The older you get the less money I think you actually need if you sit down and analyse where it goes. So with a serious wad I could do quite a lot of good. Apart from the Audi TT help with deposits for mortgages would probably account for a tidy sum. But I think the majority would be invested to provide long term endowments for a small group of charities that we would like to support more.


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