Postaday2011 – Eating out

Now for some reason today’s topic didn’t arrive, maybe the peeps at WordPress HQ were so busy with other Friday stuff that it slipped their collective mind but I have to tell you that having had something to start from since Day 1 I was a bit thrown. What to write about, such a dilemma.

So I decided to write about Locanda Locatelli, still my favourite Italian restaurant in London. The location is easy to find, just head along Oxford Street until you reach Portman Street, it’s then a short walk to the Hyatt Regency to which it is joined. The main entrance is a few yards along Seymour Street opposite the Police station.

We alway go for lunch, I much prefer the atmosphere and I enjoy the meal more if I know I don’t have to rush off and catch a train home. It is essential to book as it fills up very quickly even in these early March days when there are very few tourists in town. It seats more than seventy, is usually full by one and I have never seen more than a couple of tables available at any time during service. The clientele is predominantly businessmen & women and couples like us – in town for the day and that is how I like it, quietly buzzing with low level chatter.

The food… It is inevitable that any visit here will start with a glass of their excellent Prosecco accompanied by Parmesan grossini.  The bread basket that follows groans under the weight of freshly prepared delights.

The in-house moderator assures me the scallops (Capesante all’aspretto di zafferano) are excellent, I prefer the Endive with blue cheese (Insalata di indivia, pere e gorgonzola) which is also really very good.

The choice of main course can be tricky as there are usually a number of options but the Sea bass (Filetto di branzino in crosta di erbe esale) proved ultimately irresistible and delivered on every level accompanied by a green salad and side dishes of Broccoli with Chilli, and roasted potatoes. My only regret was that rabbit hadn’t migrated from the autumn menu on to this winter edition. The wine we choose was Mueller Thurgau Palai Vigneti Delle Dolomiti, I wasn’t totally convinced by this on tasting but a little breathing space brought it to life. I like that we both got to taste the wine.

Deserts, another challenge but Cannoli siciliani, marmellata di arance, gelato al pistacchio is just to difficult to resist. Finding good Pistachio ice cream is very difficult, so much of it is flavoured with almonds but this is the real deal.

I won’t bore you with trivia such as the quality of the petit fours with the coffee or the cost but it is not inexpensive. There are many other fine places to eat in London but this is where I would recommend you start.  Locanda Locatelli


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