Postaday2011 – Still no suggested topics

Well now we know we are in trouble because for  the second day running there has been no suggested topic. What to do, what to write about. Can I talk about websites?

I am in a real quandary, if you read my blog earlier in the week you will know that I received some stinging criticism from an ‘agent’ in London about the content of my site. I have for some time been thinking about making some major changes to it and clearly now is the time. Here’s where you can help… If you have any photographer’s websites in your bookmarks and you like the way they are laid out please email me the link so I can take a look.

I’m leaning towards a white background with simple large easy to read text and the minimum number of pages. These would include, blog (linked to here), portfolio 1, 2, 3, or similar, about and contact. I plan to drop the models and the Monday picture section although I will include a link to it on the about page. Some of my images are available to buy from a gallery site so I will need to include a link to this. Links to twitter etc probably need to be on the home page and repeated elsewhere. One other thing I want the site to work on the iPhone / iPad and look good so I’m looking at providers who offer this service.

All suggestions welcome and comments on the current website are also appreciated. To avoid repetition check out the comment on the 28th Feb. blog – Tiny crumbs of chocolate….

I look forward to your suggestions etc.


One thought on “Postaday2011 – Still no suggested topics

  1. Did you accidentally unsusbscribe?
    That’s the latest topic. I think there is a bit of lag between when something is posted and when it appears in the subs list.
    As for the website, I haven’t got any links to sites, but I can recommend this forum:
    I haven’t been on myself for a year or two as I have been busy with my PhD, but they are very helpful and will critique websites and give advice.

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