Postaday2011- Recycling presents, hmmm

The suggested topics have made a return but to be honest I don’t think we are any better off. The proposed idea for today is when is it better to be sorry than safe? Is this a serious question? I’m struggling to think of an occasion when this could apply. So forget that let’s talk about recycling presents. It would help if I could overcome finger trouble and get recycling right first time though.

How many people can honestly say that they haven’t received a present and thought that will do for auntie someone or a colleague at work? I think I can safely and honestly say that I am guilty of this only a very few times and certainly not for many years, perhaps the people who buy for me know what I like. For example my boys are taking the in-house moderator and me out for a curry tonight to celebrate my birthday – brilliant so much better than buying me something I may not want. My daughter will fund a subscription to my favourite magazine, predictable but…

Now I am can hear you shouting it’s the thought that counts and yes you’re right. So explain then why I got five pairs of socks that had a certain recycled look about them that had just been stuffed in a bag – no wrapping paper, no greetings tag. This is the height of laziness, a certain well that will do approach. Well it won’t, it’s offensive to the recipient. Stop it now and don’t buy crap cards either. We know who you are….

If you buy someone a gift, no matter how small you should at least demonstrate that you care by taking time over the presentation. I hold my hand up I pretty useless at wrapping presents but I make a huge effort to try, unfortunately I use a lot of sticky tape in the process.

One of the places you will invariably come across the unwanted gift is in the “Secret Santa” sack. A haven for the rejected present. What is worse is that some people appear to buy rubbish in the sales specifically to avoid buying something nice for the annual dip. I bet you’ve pulled out something and thought, actually what you thought was probably unprintable. The better way to do this is to get all your colleagues who take part to write down three things they would like up to a certain value. Each person then draws out a name and gets a list. Everybody’s a winner.




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