Postaday2011 – If I could read minds

This is an interesting idea but I’m not sure I would want this ability. If you could tune into just one person at a time and you could switch it on and off then it might be OK. But imagine if you were in Marks & Spencer for example and you had to put up with all the trivia running through the minds of the other shoppers. No thanks.

It might be useful if you went to buy something that you could negotiate on, say a new car, to know what the salesman is thinking might be very handy. Good in business, how useful would it be if you could know what the potential client was thinking?

So having started off thinking this was a seriously bad idea I’ve come right around and decided yes please put me down for this little gem and I’ll go out and negotiate myself a few good deals.

The in-house moderator has just pointed out that we are so in tune that we do this all the time.


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