Postaday2011 – What are your favorite slang words?

Call me old fashioned but I don’t really use slang words, swear words oh yes but I can’t print any of them here without several asterisks.

As I’ve grown older I have tried to improve my use of our excellent language by being more creative in my choice of words without becoming verbose or loquacious which I hope you will agree is a rather splendid word. I am sure I will go to my grave without ever pushing the limits of my knowledge of the English dictionary.

There are a number of expressions that I use such as “Yo” as a greeting rather than Hi or hello in an email. The daughter uses it in conversation usually tagging dude on the end so I am often greeted Yo dude. I suppose it’s OK when you’re in your twenties but doesn’t sound quite right coming from someone who will never see 55 again.

I am guilty of an email form of shorthand by writing Best… rather than Best regards. This seems to be catching on but I take no credit or blame for this apparent laziness.

Our culture is full of slang words many of them rhyming slang as originally used by Cockneys such as apples & pears referring to stairs being the only example I can think of at the moment.

I’ll be candid with you this topic doesn’t really do it for me but I will try harder tomorrow. I just wish I could think of a really good slang word or expression to finish with but they all eludes me, except…. Wasted, that would do, drunk or incapable through drink.  The End…


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