Postaday2011 – Japan Earthquake

I have thrown away today’s suggested topic in the light of the dreadful events in Japan.

We woke to learn that a massive earthquake had taken place and that as a result a tsunami was sweeping across the north east of the country. On SkyNews a surge of water sweeping away everything in it’s path filled our screen, boats, cars, houses, power lines, nothing remained upright. Fields of crops obliterated in seconds. We saw panic stricken workers as their offices trembled under the force of nature and the white heat of the flames of a burning tank at a refinery close to Tokyo.

I have never seen anything like it.

I cannot fully comprehend the terror that must have gripped the residents of those towns as the destruction ensued. Many thousands will have perished both as a direct result of the earthquake and the subsequent torrent of water that resulted from the movement of the plates on which Japan sits.

According to the online reports two bullet trains may be missing along with a cruise liner, this could add perhaps another thousand to the constantly rising death toll. I fear it is unlikely that the exact number lost will be known for several days and that it will probably run into several thousand.

I know that my country along with many others will have already offered support and that in the next few days rescue missions will be working night and day to try and find any trace of survivors. We can but hope and pray.


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