Postaday2011 – Favourite class

What was my favourite class in high school or college? Hmmm interesting question because I wasn’t over keen on any of it.

I suppose looking back I did quite enjoy a couple of the sessions at college. I don’t remember the exact title of the morning unit but I do remember that we sat at long benches, so we could conduct experiments as a group. Along the edge of the bench was a metal conduit carrying the power cables to the mains sockets mounted along the back. One of my lot decided it would be a really good idea if we charged the metal pipe with static electricity and then waited. This was done with a wind-up generator, I have no idea what voltage we achieved. Sure enough the lecturer leant on the bench made contact with the metal and jumped back uttering one of those naughty words you’re not supposed to use.

On another occasion I boy I worked with who was also on the course pushed a rheostat too far along the wire wound cylinder and caused it to explode. You can see why it was such good fun to be there.

Afternoons were similarly dangerous. Our poor unsuspecting tutor didn’t realise that all the cooling water had been drained from the brake on the flywheel. As he applied the tension to the webbing to slow the motor it caught fire, nothing to cool it but we did prove that friction causes heat.

A class of twenty or so young men with a desire to make mischief was a dangerous thing when provided with the tools to do so.

Bizarrely we all gained the required degree of competency and left after three explosive years armed with bits of paper to demonstrate our skills.


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