Postaday2011 – I’m in a very special place

According to the instructions for today’s post I should close my eyes, count to ten and then imagine I am walking down the endless corridor of a beautiful castle restored and resplendent with magnificent items. I turn in to the second room on the right and describe what I see.

I’ve done the eye closing bit but I don’t see anything in my mind as a picture. However what I am imagining is a corridor, a very wide corridor probably twenty feet or more from wall to wall with a high ornately finished ceiling. On the walls are beautiful painting by some of the greatest painters, Dutch masterpieces interspersed with Italian images of Venice and Florence. Statues almost scattered along the corridor at the edge of the thickest carpet I have ever trodden on, it reminds me of the long gallery at Buckingham Palace, I wonder if I should I remove my shoes? Yet there is no one around, the place is deserted. As I progress along the seemingly endless run of Axminster I hear a familiar voice coming from a room on my right up ahead. As I turn in I see my wife in discussion with a tall elegantly attired waiter who by his accent I take to be Italian or certainly Mediterranean possibly from Sicily.

This is truly beautiful room full of treasures from another age. In the curved bay window a table has been set for two. As I cross the room my wife joins me and we move to the table. Now I am by the window the view takes my breath away as we are high up overlooking a beautiful blue bay. Small boats dance on the waves below while the perfume of the flowers fills my nostrils from the rock face below. The sun makes the sea glisten while the sound of birds floats in on the breeze. In the distance I can hear a harp playing, sadly it’s turns out to be the alarm on my phone. It was only a dream.


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