Postaday2011 – What is the biggest lesson I’ve learnt this year?

You would think that at my age I would have learnt by now that people are lazy. I don’t mean that unkindly but…

Every week on my  free iPhone app – The Monday Picture you have the chance to express your opinion by rating this week’s image and the response is pretty abysmal, the overwhelming majority who make the effort seem to like the pictures I produce but I really wish more people would get involved. They have no idea of the work  that goes into making them.

So I thought I would try something else, for the last couple of weeks it’s been a question – where is this, is this real, simple stuff with a multiple choice answer. Result? even less people took part.

I know I’ll give users the chance to win an iPhone app or a tenner.
This is what I asked them to do… Go to iTunes, write a review of the app and I would choose the winner by using the number of the bonus ball drawn in the Saturday lottery. As it is between 1 and 50 your chance of winning is pretty good. How many people do you think wrote a review? Zero, no one. It may only be ten pounds on offer but if someone said write half a dozen words on a review and you could win £10 I do it like a shot.

Perhaps next week I’ll include a picture of a ten pound note maybe that will do the trick.


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