Postaday2011 – Inspiration

Where do you get your inspiration for your blogs or what is your muse? I have always associated a muse with an artist like Picasso but hey who am I to quibble.

My inspiration comes from what is around me every day and the events that shape our lives. Some of my blogs have related to past events in my life, work and personal. There is so much going on and we receive news twenty-fours hours a day now so there is almost always something to write about. The question is do you want to put your name to an opinion on the current topic?

I wrote recently about the horrors of the Japanese tsunami, since then we have seen more terrible images of the destruction caused by the water. It would for example be possible to write thousands of words on this but the pictures convey everything you need to know. I won’t write about Libya, it’s not something I’m qualified to comment on. I will say though that the present situation is very worrying.

Inspiration takes many forms, life is my inspiration.


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