Postaday2011 – My favourite number

I’m told that the Chinese are very fond of 8 it has some significance because of it’s shape? but I’m not aware that any other nationality has this fixation with specific numbers.
I don’t really have a favourite number, I’m very fond of noughts, particularly after a number if the cheque is made out to me and conversely not so keen on them if I’m writing it. When we had the bathroom refurbishes I had anticipated one figure but hadn’t taken in to account that the amount quoted by the builder did not include vat so a hefty 17.5% had to be added on taking it from something I was comfortable with to ouch! in the stroke of a pen.

I guess a lot of people would say seven, don’t know why, it’s not even, doesn’t sub-divide so it’s a prime number – is that good? Three is another example, not over excited by that one either. If I look back at the houses I’ve lived in, 42, 32, 41, 8, 5, 61, 9 and 15 there’s no pattern, I’ve never said no on the basis of the house number. I suppose you would have to put me down as indifferent to the number of a property.

I couldn’t even look back and say 40 because it was a particularly good time in my life (don’t remember!) same thing goes for 18, 21, 30 and er fifty, whisper it quietly. Slightly more worried about sixty though so that might be my least favourite number at the moment. I quite liked sixteen as it was a sort of transitionary phase in my life, escaping school etc. If only I’d known then what I know now I would have hung on in there.

No I’m really sorry but there is no favourite number in my life except possibly the two I must never forget – my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary and of course the kid’s birthdays. Number eh, where would we be….


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