Postaday2011 – Can you keep a secret?

Secrets, now they can get you into a lot of trouble particularly in business and while we all like to be “in” on the secret maintaining that confidence can be very difficult especially if you know that the outcome will be to the detriment of someone else.  I’ll give you an example…

In the city where I live a company went into receivership recently. Clearly the directors will have known that the financial health of the business was in serious trouble for some time and will have been in discussion with their banks and advisers. But because of the need to keep up appearances they will have continued to trade up until the point of no return when suddenly all the staff wake up one morning to find they have no job to go to. For some this will have come as a great surprise and no doubt amongst those losing their jobs will be a few hoping to move house, get married or have another child. Any plans they may have had will be dashed as they receive their P45. They will no doubt feel cheated because someone higher up the chain will have known but didn’t warn them.
Secrets can be a heavy burden.

When I was in discussions with my employer about the possibility of being made redundant I think looking back that there was no if about it, they just had to go through the motions. On the day I was finally told I could tell that other people already knew because they couldn’t look at me and kept well away from my office.

So don’t tell me if you’re up to no good I’d rather not know. I prefer to remain blissfully ignorant of the facts unless they affect me. We all have secrets, some of them have to remain just that within us and more often than not keeping quiet is the best option.


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