Postaday2011 – The one that got away…

I had hoped that by now three months, no almost four months in I would have gotten into a routine with this post a day lark but I’m still struggling to schedule it in to my day. Sounds impressive I know but don’t be fooled, I’m just easily sidetracked.

Yesterday was a typical example of how things slip if you don’t keep a tight reign on everything. I started off well honest, up at a reasonable time, slipped the visiting cat a few biscuits, made the coffee, ate some cornflakes, all going well.

We had to visit the doctor so that was an hour out of the morning. Because he is so good he runs late but no one minds. The prescription was going to take 15 mins so we went for coffee at the place across the road from the pharmacy. Why is it that in the UK outside of an Italian restaurants it is almost impossible to get a decent Macchiato? The lady behind the counter did do a sort of double take when I asked for them, to be fair it wasn’t on the board. At least she knew what I meant. Anyway another half hour evaporated while we read the papers and digested the slightly bitter café.

After lunch we had to take my wife’s car for it’s annual MOT, it takes an hour!
Why I do not know, it’s a tick box check list. There was no point waiting so we went back to the father-in-law’s house where we had left a gas man fitting a new time clock and while I washed the kitchen floor, hoovered the carpets and mowed the lawn, my wife did more washing and ironing. This is fairly normal stuff is you accept responsibility for an 87 year old man who can’t do it himself. I also knocked up some cheese on toast for his tea. So by the time we had rescued the now certified for another 12 months car it was rapidly approaching six pm. I also found time to buy a losing ticket for the Euro lottery and drop a repeat prescription in to the old boy’s doctors. Phew! That is where my day went, I suppose at least I can account for the hours.

By the time we got home, had a bath, changed and made some dinner avec a large glass of well chilled Marlborough sauvignon blanc the day was pretty much scuppered. I think I responded to a couple of emails and read a few tweets but that was about it. I caught some of SkyNews@Ten but to be honest I wasn’t paying that much attention – sorry Stephen¹, I’m sure it was a great broadcast.

I know, I know! I must try harder, and I might. Today has been better but then the weather has been awful, and it’s cold, so apart from a dash to Waitrose this morning to buy bread for toast I haven’t been out. I did respond to a cry for help on Twitter (Katie) asking where they could find a recipe for Rabbit so I have done something vaguely useful.
Oh and I posted a few comments on other people’s photos on ModelMayhem and wrote two blogs and uploaded a photo blog image.

Now I’m off to assist in the creation of dinner.

¹ Stephen Dixon, top news dude on Sky.

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