Postaday2011 – Winning the lottery

So, I didn’t win the £117,000,000 Euro lottery last night either. If you’re in the US that’s about 189 million dollars. A life changing amount, too much really. The impact such a large sum would have on you is difficult to imagine. Suddenly all challenge is removed, nothing to strive for anymore. Almost anything is obtainable, almost. But you will probably be bored and miserable with nothing to do but shop and travel. It’s quite fun to speculate on how you might spend some of it though.

The immediate priority for me would be to help the children in their aspirations to climb the housing ladder. In the UK we thrive on the concept of an Englishman home is his castle and we all slavishly scrimp and save to buy a property secure in the knowledge that the value will increase and we can buy a bigger one next time around. Some people make a career out of this, buying a small house renovating it, making a few quid and moving up the property scale till in their forties or fifties they have something that in another few years they will sell because it’s now too big. Anyway we could wave cheerio to a million or so on three half decent homes for the offspring. We, the parental unit would probably also move, not necessarily to acquire a better of bigger place, just somewhere nearer to the capital and closer to the daughter. We’ll allocate another couple million just to be safe. I also hanker after an uber cool pad in Paris.

A new car, well that would be nice, but unless you have a very strong desire to wrap yourself around a tree the latest Pagani Zonda is probably best in the showroom. An Aston Martin V12 Vantage would be cool so that’s another couple of hundred thousand or so gone. So far we’ve probably only spent four million and really if you add in furniture and a couple of good holidays it’s unlikely even at the miserable rates of interest available that you’re spending faster than it’s earning interest.

If it were mine I would make arrangements to donate several quite generous sums to charity probably through trusts so that the capital is preserved and they derive a continuous stream of income from the capital.

What I wonder though is if you win that much are you always looking over your shoulder worrying if people are watching you, are you about to be robbed? I’ve no idea but it must cross your mind at some point. People who acquire vast wealth, without being unkind, are often ill equipped to handle it. Given the option I’ll take health and happiness over cash, but a bit more of the latter would be good if you won and you have any to spare.


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